Our new album ‘Luna low’ is out now!


07.06.19: It’s been a loooong time coming, so long in fact that even we can’t really believe we’re saying this, but we have a new album out today. It’s called Luna Low and we’re very excited it’s now a thing out in the world. What you see above is the full artwork for the physical copies of the record on vinyl and CD.

Our very own Marty Brown engineered and mixed it and we’re very thankful to Marty for his patience and tenacity - without him, none of this would have happened. We’re also extremely grateful to our (newish) manager Tom, who we’ve had the incredible good fortune to work with on and off all the way back to our first album Wires, which Tom released on his venerable Trifekta label. Huge thanks also to Remote Control for putting this album out, and for all their expertise and support. Lastly, huge thanks also to (a different) Tom at IMC who has been our booking agent for 20 years and always believed in this crazy idea we had that you can play live rock music at half the volume it was meant to be played.

But mainly, thanks to the people who listen to our music and have come to shows over the years. Making and playing music for people is a huge privilege and we’re lucky that being able to do that is such a big part of the tapestry of our lives.

Anyway, some details: You can stream/download the album from your favourite digital platform. If you’re semi old school, you can grab it on CD at your local record shop or our bandcamp page. And if you’re super old school (or perhaps super new school), it will be available as a double LP in August. You can preorder vinyl now on our bandcamp page.

Lastly, launch shows! Or is it parties? Let’s say both! Details and ticketing links for our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane launch shows are below.

Thanks for listening (and congrats to us!)

AOF xx



Corner Hotel, Friday 16th August, 2019. W/ special guests TBA. Presented by Triple R

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Oxford Art Factory, Saturday 31st August, 2019. W/ special guests TBA.

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The Foundry, Saturday 7th September, 2019. W/ special guests TBA.

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New album June 7th! New track today: Listen Here.


09.05.19: We’re beyond excited to announce that we will have a new album, our first in 12 years, out on June 7th, 2019. It’s called Luna Low and features ten tracks recorded and mixed by our very own Marty Brown at Brunswick Masonic Hall and Standalone Studios over the last couple of years. It’s been a long time coming but we’re very proud of it and we can’t wait for you to hear it. In celebration, we’re releasing the title (and closing track) of the album, which you can go and listen to right now.

What to say about it? Well, it took us a long time to make it. Which is not that strange for us and our glacial pace. In fact, Marty and Ollie started jamming up the skeletons (ahem) of some of these tunes way back in 2012. When it came to recording it, we tracked it in a big hall in Brunswick to try and capture some natural reverb, which has given it a pretty spacious sound. Thematically and lyrically, the album reflects on some of our own could-have-beens and would-have-beens. It’s about dreams past becoming reduced dreams of the present, ageing and lifestyle colliding, growing up after growing up, and perhaps, it’s the first set of AOF songs that approach these themes with a sometimes playful eye. The album cover, which had the design brief of ‘Queensland Gothic’, is above.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to all those who came to our Melbourne and Sydney shows last month. We really enjoyed being on stage again. Apologies to those who missed out on tickets in Melbourne, but rest assured that a new album probably means more shows soon, and hopefully in more cities!

Anyway, enjoy the new track Luna Low, and we hope you look forward to hearing Luna Low the album on June 7th. 

AOF xx


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another new track! Listen Here.


19.03.19: We’re very happy to present some more brand new music for you! Our second piece of new music in over a decade is ‘Your Love’, which if we were pushed, would describe as ’when what your fear the most in the world is the inability to contain and rationalise your love for someone’. So, standard AOF sad romantic stuff. That said, we reckon stylistically it’s not really like anything we’ve ever done before. Check it out and see what you reckon.

Also, an update on the return shows, Howler in Melbourne is sold out, but there are still some tickets to our Sydney show at the Landsdowne, grab yours here.

Look forward to seeing you at the shows!

AOF xx



07.02.19: It’s been a while - twelve years, in fact. A few of you had probably thought we’d broken up, but really it was more of a hiatus. Life kind of happened for a while in there and then we thought, why not crank the band back up and make some new music? We’ve actually been jamming pretty regularly since 2012, and with our usual unhurried pace, it’s taken some time to come up with some tunes we like. We’re sticking our toes back in the water tentatively with a new single, ‘Genie’, which is now available for streaming/downloading from your favourite digital haven.

We’ll also be doing our first shows since the last decade (!) in Melbourne and Sydney, see the details below.

Also, now that we’ve landed back in a somewhat transformed media landscape, please feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Anyway, hope you dig the new tune and thanks for sticking with us and being patient while we’ve slowly meandered our way back into full existence.


AOF xx